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30 Easiest Xbox One Games For 1000G in Achievements

Getting 1000G in achievements for Xbox One games can often be quite the challenge, but not for these. Expect plenty of narrative-driven titles.

Source: alphacoders.com

Last month, I decided to quit my day job. No more working in a bank for me; it was finally time to spread my wings and fly further afield. Or at least a few miles either east or west to Manchester and Liverpool respectively. That was the plan anyway. A few weeks later, I’m no closer to finding work, but I’m over 8000 gamerscore richer and climbing. I’m sure I could put that on my CV.

You could say it was due to my hard work and dedication to the pursuit of achievement hunting, but that’s not true either. There are so many easy 1000G games available on the Xbox Store that players could easily add a couple of zeroes to their total with no real challenge, and sometimes without even taking a big hit to the bank account. And, better still, a lot of these games aren’t Telltale games.


That being said, not all of those games are winners. Sometimes you have to crawl through a tunnel of shit to get to the promised land on the other side. It’s like The Shawshank Redemption but Andy Dufresne has been replaced by a fat, sweaty, bearded and jobless nerd. Achievement hunting is not without sacrifice, and if you’re not willing to suffer through some less than stellar content in the never-ending quest for gamerscore, some of these games are not for you.


1. Tekken 7

Tekken 7

We’ll start proceedings with arguably one of the better games on this list. The latest addition in the long running series of fighting games, Tekken 7 concludes the epic struggle between Heihachi Mishima and his son, Kazuya. It also contains one of the easiest achievement lists of any fighting game on Xbox One. Certain players might struggle with getting a couple of online wins, but you’re not required to finish the story on the hardest difficulty or prove you know every character’s movelists inside out. Looking at you, Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Time: 10 hours+
Difficulty: 7/10
Worth it?: Yes


2. Ben-Hur

From best to worst, Ben-Hur is a chariot racing game based on the remake that precisely nobody fucking asked for. You know, the one that basically marketed the film around “Yo, look! This chariot race is sick! Bollocks to the rest of the film!” Charlton Heston would be turning in his N.R.A funded grave. In any case, Ben Hur: The Videogame wasn’t available in most regions, but it’s free to download. One trip to the American Xbox Store later and Ben Hur can sit proudly in your library next to The Witcher 3 and Injustice 2. The game itself is about as abhorrent as the film on which it’s based, but you can’t argue with that free and easy 1000G. Play it for an hour, take the 1000G, delete from your hard drive, and your memory if you’re lucky.

Time: 1 Hour
Difficulty: 4/10
Worth it?: Fuck no.


3. Fragments of Him

One of those walking simulator type games that may or may not be turning up on this list again, Fragments of Him is an examination of love, relationships and loss. It tells the story of Will, whose trip to work takes a tragic turn after a car crash. We then skip back and learn more about his formative years through the eyes of Mary, his grandmother, Sarah, his ex girlfriend, and Harry, Will’s current partner. Despite the depressing narrative surrounding the fate of Will, Fragments of Him is ultimately a tale of hope; the idea of preserving those precious memories of your loved ones after they’re gone. It’s heart wrenching stuff, and people should go out of their way to experience it. Plus, it has that all important easy 1000G. If nothing else, play Fragments of Him for that alone.

Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Worth it?: Absolutely


4. Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition

Another World

Also known as Out Of This World, Another World has been regarded as a cult classic platformer since its release in 1991. Of course, the Xbox One version has something that the original Amiga and Atari ST versions didn’t: achievements. Some players may require a video walkthrough to reach that sweet thousand, as there are missable achievements and sometimes it isn’t completely clear what you’re meant to do. God knows I needed the help.

Time: 1-2 hours
Difficulty: 5/10
Worth it?: If you insist


5. Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition

Another narrative experience, Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition is the story of Kelly, a mid-20’s dropout forced to move back home to boring old Nebraska after her life didn’t pan out the way she had hoped. An intense storm is approaching, and Kelly is driving the 20 miles back home to her parent’s house when she receives a phone call from her mother. If anything, Three Fourths Home is a tale of regret. It’s about how you don’t truly appreciate what you have until it’s been taken from you, and the epilogue really drives that home, pardon the pun. Of course, you don’t care about that. You just want those sweet and easy achievements, huh? Three Fourths Home has those too.

Time: 2 hours (ish)
Difficulty: 3/10
Worth it?: Sure


6. Coffin Dodgers

Coffin Dodgers

With a premise as kooky as the old people you play as, Coffin Dodgers could have been a real winner. Could have been. Essentially, the Grim Reaper has shown up at a retirement village with some innovative ideas on population control. Bloody Tory. The residents instead decide to challenge Death to a mobility scooter race for their souls, in a move that was once described by Bill and Ted as “EXCELLENT!”. It’s a fun novelty for a little while but quickly becomes a dull and repetitive Mario Kart clone. At least the achievements will only take you a couple of hours at most.

Time: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: 5/10
Worth it?: Not really


7. Refunct

If you want an example of gaming simplicity, look no further than Refunct. You wake up on a mysterious island, and must utilise parkour abilities to press buttons and complete the game. The game itself can legitimately be completed in about 4 minutes, and most of the achievements themselves are an absolute doddle. The actual achievement for beating the game in 4 minutes might be a pain in the arse for a while, until you’ve established an ideal route around the map. Plus, the game is dirt cheap, making it the achievement hunting equivalent of a lay-up.

Time: 1-2 hours maximum
Difficulty: 5/10
Worth it?: I guess


8. Beyond Eyes

If you want to discuss premise, Beyond Eyes has one more unique than anything else on this list, and boasts a beautiful and vibrant art style to boot. It’s a shame that the game itself is plodding in its pace and frustrating to navigate. You play a blind girl named Rae who has ventured outside her house to find a lost cat. Naturally, because you’re blind, you’ll be walking into walls, rocks and other obstacles in a trial and error attempt to find the correct path. Stick with the video guide and you’ll be done in an hour and a half.

Time: 2/3 hours (much less if you stick to a guide)
Difficulty: 4/10
Worth it?: Not as much as others on this list.


9. Cubot – The Complexity of Simplicity

If you’re looking for a brain teaser to stop the inevitable atrophy that comes with playing boring for achievements, give Cubot a try. The block puzzles that the game offers start simple enough at first, but soon become more taxing than a Government Budget. All the achievements are tied to the level progression, but it might make for a good test to see if you can earn them legitimately. Personally, I used a guide. I want that sweet gamerscore.

Time: 1 hour, or much longer if you refuse to use a guide.
Difficulty: 7/10 without guide.
Worth it?: Absolutely


10. Shred It

Girls and boys, don’t say we don’t do anything for you. Shred It is one of a few games on this list that’ll net you over 1000G, no additional DLC required; 1500G to be precise. Playing out as procedurally generated runner type game but with a snowboarding twist, you need to collect items and dodge obstacles in order to reach the bottom of the mountain. The full 1500G won’t come quickly, as you’ll need to grind a few levels in order to obtain certain items, but the game itself is basic enough. Put in the hours and you shall be rewarded.

Time: 5 hours maximum
Difficulty: 6/10
Worth it?: Definitely


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