10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Liverpool

Liverpool City Centre Pier Head
Image source: www.yoliverpool.com

So, I’m originally from a small town in West Sussex, but I’ve lived in Liverpool for over a decade and I could not imagine living anywhere else. Liverpool has a vibrant atmosphere and cultural heritage like no other city, and here are my top ten reasons on why you’ll love the city:

1. The A-Class Architecture
Liverpool grew rapidly from a small town into a city during the 1800s, and with this growth brought a plethora of new buildings. The mixture of modern and eloquent buildings really sets Liverpool apart from the rest. With our huge China Town archway, beautiful Liver buildings and amazing cathedrals, its not hard to see why we were voted Capital of Culture (2008) and known worldwide not only as “The New York of Europe” but also “the second city of the Empire”!

Liverpool is known for its charismatic Cathedrals, not only because we have two of them, but they’re also linked together by the same street, quite perfectly named “Hope Street”. I feel like this connection shows how connected the locals are no matter what religion we follow or football team we support.

2. Our Football Fanatics
Derby Day may sound threatening when Everton and Liverpool are playing, but time and time again the fans have proven that no matter which team wins, it’s still great to be part of this city. Excuse the banter and you’ll find yourself walking the streets with chants of excitement, courage and ongoing support for both teams on any match day.

3. The Food is to Die For!
David Williams and Oliver Press had the right idea when they decided to set up a blog documenting all the hidden gems around Liverpool. The vastly growing and expanding (into Sheffield and Birmingham) company Independent Liverpool is the best way to find the freshest, coolest and most unique bars and restaurants around the city, as well as providing discounts (by purchasing the IL card) in 100 associated independent restaurants. There are currently 11,000 cardholders to date and you can snatch yours up at independent-liverpool.co.uk!

4. We’re all Music Enthusiasts
It’s not just the food we’re into, it’s the music. Stemming from our love of the Beatles and the “Merseybeat” scene, there’s not a week that goes by without a local band playing a gig or concert in the number of venues we have to offer – whether it’s a low-key Zanzibar gig right through to a massive concert at The Echo Arena. There is always music playing somewhere in Liverpool town.

5. We NEVER shut up!
In Liverpool, not a day goes by that you don’t hear about a new festival or event held in an area near to you. Whether it’s the Food Lovers Festival in Stanley Park (3rd-5th July) or The Liverpool Craft Beer Expo, or even The Liverpool Light Night, which takes place each May. There is literally always something to do or somewhere to go and with The Exhibition Centre Liverpool opening its doors this September, you just can’t hide from us! (Full listing of events here)

6. Retail Therapy
Liverpool One (L1) is the place to be for all of your high street shopping needs as well as homeware, electronics and makeup in our massive Debenhams and John Lewis, loads of places to park and our massive hillside Chavasse Park to chill with a Mooboo Bubble Tea or Splendid Milkshake in the sun.

This is yet another area that presents events annually. Chavasse Park turns into a winter wonderland throughout November-January featuring rides, Santa’s Grotto, an Ice bar and skating rink. On the opposite end of the spectrum you’ll find Tiki Huts, BBQs, volleyball and children’s activities surrounding our manmade beach during the summer months. Chavasse Park opens out via the L1 Balcony, which features big brand restaurants such as TGI’s, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Pizza Express and many more.

Or for the more quaint and interesting hidden gems, head up to Bold Street where you’ll find independent stores, vintage shops, record stores and charity shop galore along with fantastic restaurants featured on the Independent Liverpool card.

7. The Nightlife is Mesmerising
If you’re into indie and rock music you’ll find yourself right at home in the Seel Street area, with The Cabin Club, Mojos, La’go, Aloha and Heebie Jeebies satisfying your rhythm and beats. Or if the bassline is more your wavelength you need to head on down to Concert Square with a massive outdoor seating area and music blasting from Modo and Shakeabout. It’s impossible to not to love the atmosphere.

Did I hear you say night fever? If 70s and 80s music is more your genre then you need go no further than Matthew Street. As well as hosting the famous Matthew Street festival, these cobbles keep the lights down low and the feelings high every weekend. Not to mention Liverpool’s Stanley Street Quarter (known by the locals as “Gay town”) is right around the corner.

8. Artsy Individuals

Liverpool is a great host for budding songstresses, artists and innovative thinkers. The FACT is a great place to view thought-provoking exhibitions as well as grab some popcorn and watch a movie on some comfy couches.
I was lucky enough to attend the premiere for The Book Thief, which was followed by a Q&A with the director, Brian Percival. The night was amazing, the staff are always polite and helpful, and the sense of community that comes from the projects presented is just incredible. We also have our pride and joy The Bluecoat, The Walker Art Gallery and the Tate, which sits right on the edge of the Docks.

9. Dust lands no more
Although Liverpool saw a high rise in unemployment and a downfall in the dockland area following the Blitz, the area has slowly worked its way back into social status and is now a social hub. With The Tate, The Maritime, The Beatles and The Liverpool Museum, countless unique bars and restaurants, The Liverpool Eye and the huge Echo Arena and BT convention centre all nestled around the water,  the docks are a beautiful centrepiece for an amazing city.

10. Lastly (and by no way means least) is the SCOUSERS
There is no place quite like Liverpool. When I moved here I could not believe how nice people were. In the past, visiting places like London and Manchester, I have been met by blank faces and occasional unfriendly gestures, but in Liverpool, everyone’s your mate. Every Nan is your Nan, and you’ll always be someone’s “our kid”. You ask someone for directions to a bar or restaurant and not only will they help you with a smile but they’ll suggest the best food and nicest drinks, or they might even recommend somewhere better! We’re an easy bunch to get along with, and as long as you’re nice, we already like you too.

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