10 Funniest Nicholas WrestleMania 34 Memes

Braun Strowman Nicholas

The internet works fast. It’s barely been a couple of hours and it’s already barfed up enough memes around WrestleMania 34 to last us until 35. Cena running got us started, but it’s Nicholas –our king, our lord– who really brought the A-game.

Braun Strowman needed a partner, and Nicholas stepped up. Did your precious CM Punk come back? Thought not. Is Kenny Omega a RAW Tag Team champion? Didn’t think so. The jewel that is Nicholas will be expunged come RAW when someone wakes up and realises that this is totally ridiculous, but nothing will ever be able to take these Nicholas memes away from us.


1. He seems like a really cool uncle now, though


2. Divas start young



3. His best work was in New Japan


4. Oh my god, the body he used…


5. These goddamn part-timers, going to school and learning shapes and whatnot


6. And long may it survive





8. Cool uncle Braun letting rip on Ms. Garbowski


9. Nicholas likes the Cliq because it sounds like dick and his mother doesn’t let him say that word



10. Legend should recognise legend

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