YouTube Rewind 2018 Features Fortnite, Will Smith & A Distinct Lack of PewDiePie

YouTube Rewind 2018 has been and gone and featured Will Smith, Fortnite, and no PewDiePie in sight.

YouTube logo

The annual wince festival, YouTube Rewind, which showcases all of the “best” moments and biggest trends of YouTube from the last year, has been and gone once again.

As you might expect, Fortnite dominated proceedings for YouTube Rewind 2018 with plenty of nods and emotes, as well as popular players of the game, such as Nick Eh 30 and Ninja, featuring prominently. Heck, even Will Smith showed up to ask to see Fortnite for some reason.

There was unfortunately no place for PewDiePie, who fans had been campaigning to open the video with a clap to correspond with his Meme Review show and simply state “Year Review“. That’s all you had to do, YouTube. You didn’t need one of the Bad Boys to show up.

Before the video even premiered, people were disliking it, probably fully expecting it not really be reflective of YouTube — because it never is.

YouTube rewind

Just a few seconds after the premiere of the video ended, the like/dislike ratio looked like this after fans realised that PewDiePie would not be showing up.

YouTube rewind 2018

It’s going to get a lil’ bit crazy.

All things considered, it’s not YouTube’s fault these videos are always so awkward — it has to be squeaky clean for a young audience. It hits a few good notes, like recognising a lot of the good work that has been accomplished by some channels over the past year, but it’s still just a bit…weird.

UPDATE: Here’s what the like/dislike ratio is now:

YouTube rewind 2018

This puts it on track to beat last year’s Rewind in terms of dislikes already — it’s just 200k behind already and is currently the 16th most disliked YouTube video of all-time.

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