Xel Promises Sci-Fi Exploration, ‘Zelda-Like’ Thrills



German publisher Assemble Entertainment has announced its latest title, a third-person ‘Zelda-like’ title called Xel, which is slated for release on PC and consoles in 2022, developed by Tiny Roar with a soundtrack by composer Gideon Wolff.

A press release states that the game will have players “explore a lush, vibrant world filled with gorgeous — and occasionally deadly — biomes. Solve intricate puzzles, explore mysterious dungeons, and battle merciless robots and exotic wildlife.”


What Is Xel About?

Xel tells the story of Reid, an amnesiac who finds herself crashed on a strange alien world with no idea how she arrived there. Players will take Reid through this strange environment as she explores dungeons and tries to assemble the truth.

Gameplay appears to be a mix of isometric exploration and top-down combat encounters. Weapon upgrades/crafting will also play a part in Reid’s adventure. The game also promises a complex combat system and special abilities that incorporate some form of control over time and space to solve puzzles.


When Is Xel Coming Out?

Xel is scheduled for release in 2022, for release on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X | S.

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