WWE Sold To Endeavor, New Global Entertainment Powerhouse Formed With UFC

Huge news.

Source: WWE

It was confirmed via WWE’s corporate press website, WWE have officially been acquired by Endeavor, a billion-dollar global sports entertainment company who also own UFC. Endeavor now own 51% of controlling interest over WWE, with the other 49% remaining with WWE executives.

It has been stated that this new conglomerate of global sports will maintain a massive outreach, generating billions in annual revenue and growth. It’s hard to deny that with both WWE and UFC under their belt, Endeavor are set to become one of the highest-earning companies in the world today.

Ariel Emanuel, CEO of Endeavor, said the following on the acquisition,

“For decades, Vince and his team have demonstrated an incredible track record of innovation and shareholder value creation, and we are confident that Endeavor can deliver significant additional value for shareholders by bringing UFC and WWE together.”

Vince McMahon will remain as Executive President of WWE, despite ‘retiring’ earlier this year. A board will be put into place over the coming weeks, already confirmed is Mark Shapiro, Dana White (who will continue to run UFC) and Nick Khan. No current word on the roles that Triple H and the rest of the McMahon family will play in the new partnership.

This new and exciting acquisition will inevitably lead to bigger, brighter spectacles in global sports and the potential for new heights to be achieved by all brands involved.

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