WWE RAW Moving Back To TV-14 Rating

Farewell PG!

RAW logo

After many years of criticism and laborious cringing, WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night RAW, will be returning to a TV-14 rating for the first time in almost two decades. For years, WWE’s RAW has championed a child-friendly attitude which has seen the reduction of blood and gore, scenes of a sexual nature and general profanity, aspects of pro wrestling that were prominent during the famed Attitude Era. However, with ratings dipping dramatically over the past year, WWE seems to be turning to old habits in order to claw back some of its lost audience.

As of yet, there are no further details on how exactly WWE’s programming will change going forward, other than in the near future, a TV-14 rating will be adopted. So you can expect things to take a dive in the direction of being more ‘adult’ and ‘gritty’, similar to that of the ‘good old days’.

This is likely an attempt at rivalling AEW’s slightly more adult content which regularly features bloody action and more explicit language. Either way, it might draw a few eyes back to their mainstream product.

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