WWE 2K19 Cover Star, Pre-Order Bonus & More Revealed

aj styles
Source: WWE

WWE and 2K Games have announced that the first official details for 2K19 will be released this Monday. As we draw closer to the press conference, certain major details have been leaked online. Of course, none of this is 100% confirmed until 2K drops the trailer, but for what it’s worth, here’s what we know so far.

The Cover Superstar
Several names were thrown into the rumour mill for this one, but the consensus seems to be that ‘The Phenomenal One’ AJ Styles will be the face of this year’s game. A fantastic choice, considering just how huge AJ has become in WWE. The current WWE Champion will be one of the main focuses of the trailer, alongside this year’s pre-order character and two other popular superstars of yesteryear.

Pre-Order Bonus
The other suspected cover star was WWE’s latest acquisition – Ronda Rousey. Even though it seems she has been denied the honour of being a 2K cover star, fans and gamers will have the chance to play as her should they pre-order 2K19.

Usually, the pre-order bonuses tend to be either a guest character or a legend. Last year’s bonus was two variants of Raw’s GM Kurt Angle, celebrating his return to a WWE ring. Previously we’ve seen the likes of Sting, Ultimate Warrior and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rousey is definitely a break in the trend, but certainly a welcome one. The former UFC Champion will definitely make a fun addition to the roster.

Other featured characters
The only other known details so far are two names that were on set for the commercial shoot in Memphis. Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy were both confirmed to be involved via Instagram – making this the first time both superstars will be featured as part of the base roster in almost a decade.

Jeff Hardy was included as part of last year’s DLC alongside his tag partner and brother Matt. Now that both Hardy’s are focusing on their singles career, it only makes sense for Jeff to be given a bigger spotlight in this year’s game.

Rey Mysterio would have been the sure bet for this year’s returning legend, considering his recent dealings with WWE. However Mysterio remains under special contractual circumstances, allowing him to compete for other promotions and be involved with the independents. So this certainly makes for interesting prospects in the future, should WWE be able to negotiate licenses for other former talent that are competing elsewhere, or even ones that aren’t associated with WWE just yet.

The first trailer and official details for WWE 2K19 drop this Monday, full coverage of announcements can be found here next week.

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