WWE 2K17: Finn Balor’s Chainsaw Entrance Will Be Included

Finn Balor WWE 2K17

If you’re a wrestling fan, you might know that the best PPV of the year so far is NXT TakeOver: Dallas, which happened way back in April. You will have watched Zayn and Nakamura stiff kick the roof off and also Finn Balor take on Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship.

That latter match wasn’t quite as good as it could have been, largely down to constant stoppages from the referee killing the flow. What most people remember about the bout that saw Balor become the longest reigning NXT Champion is the Irish wrestler’s absurdly fantastic entrance in which he goes all Leatherface and whirls a chainsaw around his head.

Well, that same entrance is coming to WWE 2K17.

Looks just like the real thing, even if the animations are off in a few places. It’s good to see the attention to detail to reference a throwaway bit from a rising star in the WWE, but I’m just hoping it isn’t DLC. Their plans for the game are exorbitant enough.

Judging from what scant footage we have for it so far, WWE 2K17 won’t be a huge shift away from the template that 2K are familiarising themselves with. As well as Puff Daddy curating the soundtrack for some reason, we also understand that players will have the option to fight in the crowd. It’s also believed that the brand split came too late to be implemented in time for the game, so you may have to wait until WWE 2K18, or WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2K18. Apart from that, it’s anyone’s guess.

Excited for WWE 2K17 on October 11th? Or perhaps you’re the opposite? Drop a comment below and I will see you there.

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