5 Wrestlers Who Could Help Reboot Lucha Underground

Season 5 is coming!

Lucha Underground

Over the past week, sources have added fuel to the fire on the speculation of a Lucha Underground reboot. WON confirmed that if the revival was to go ahead, then it’s likely that the promotion would undergo a name change but maintain the style that made Lucha Underground so unique.

LU ran for a total of 4 seasons before airing its final episode in 2018, with most of the show’s headlining stars – Ricochet, John Morrison and Brian Cage, just to name a few – all now signed with either WWE or AEW, the Temple will need to be filled with some fresh faces to help re-invigorate the carnage that was Lucha Underground.

We’re going to take a look at five wrestlers who could sign on for Season 5, whether they be familiar faces to the believers or perhaps some newcomers with something to prove in a new environment.

Make sure you drop down the names you’d most like to see debut for Lucha Underground if the reboot comes to pass.


1. Andrade


After weeks of pleading, Andrade has finally been granted his release from WWE, now free to appear on the independent scene freely without the 90 day no compete clause holding him back. Most wrestling fans are expecting to see the former La Sombra appear for All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor or maybe even return to his NJPW roots. However, I believe there’s nowhere better for Andrade to finally fulfil his mainstream potential and shake off the bad vibes of WWE than in the Temple of Lucha Underground.

Andrade has made a name for himself as one of Mexico’s greatest exports, competing across the world and bringing 5* calibre matches back to WWE during his time in NXT. A former champion of his status would easily take over the underground fight club in Boyle Heights, bringing the flash and flair of a major wrestling star to help make his character stand out from his fellow luchadores.

Andrade could easily headline a rebooted Lucha Underground, bringing the same hard-hitting style that captured the hearts and minds of WWE fans in his matches with Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio and Johnny Gargano. Plus the idea of him rocking up in a three-piece, smoking a cigar would be the most fitting evolution of his character.


2. Jimmy Havoc

Source: OWW

The former AEW and PROGRESS Wrestling star and ‘King of the Goths’ has had to take a step back from wrestling due to the revelations of the Speaking Out movement. In a respectful move, Havoc accepted AEW’s offer to provide him with counselling, to help him control whatever demons he has dealt with throughout the years. I personally wish Havoc a safe and healthy return to the world of wrestling if and when he’s ready.

Now, it would be a tough sell for Jimmy to return to AEW following this year, and with PROGRESS now affiliated with WWE, there’s not a great chance of his picking up where he left off in that promotion. Instead, I think Jimmy Havoc would be a perfect candidate to appear for Lucha Underground, embracing his roots in the hardcore style of wrestling and indulging in the carnage and bloodshed that comes with the show.

Lucha Underground weren’t shy about touching on demonology and ancient Aztec powers, so why not allow Havoc free-reign with his macabre creative and watch how he rebuilds his career in the most spectacular way?


3. Chris Hero

Kassius Ohno
Source: WWE

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno is one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet. It’s a damn shame that he wasn’t used to his full potential in NXT, he could have easily led the brand as NXT Champion and maybe even gone on to have a successful career on the main roster. Alas, Chris Hero returns to the indie scene with fire in his belly and a tonne of new dream matches to tick off his list.

Lucha Underground could be a fantastic avenue for Hero to explore as he begins the next chapter of his career. A veteran performer like Hero who can manipulate crowds as both a babyface and a heel would fit in nicely among the high-flying, hard-hitters of the Temple.

Where before LU had the likes of Rey Mysterio, Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron to act as their token veterans and help guide the younger talent through to executing great matches, today’s generation could really benefit from having a ring general like Chris Hero on their roster, while allowing him the chance to finally shine on the big stage.


4. Aleister Black

Aleister Black
Source: TeamRock

Much like Jimmy Havoc, Aleister Black has a flavour for the dark arts, making him an intimidating figure both inside and outside the ring. Even though there are no signs of him leaving WWE anytime soon, it could be a lot of fun to see Aleister Black jump ship to Lucha Underground and mix it up with a bunch of new talent in a totally new environment.

Let’s face it, Black isn’t really hitting his stride on the main roster, and where the former NXT Champion has been touted as someone to watch as his career develops, I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe another tour of the indies would do Black the world of good, much like it did for the likes of Drew McIntyre and John Morrison in years prior.

Seeing Black embrace his darker side to create a truly intriguing character would be something special. Plus, LU is the place to relish in the MMA skills that seem to have been tucked away during his time in WWE.


5. Ricochet

Source: WWE

If we’re talking about iconic Lucha Underground stars, then look no further than Ricochet. Competing under the guise of Prince Puma, Ricochet’s stardom really took off as part of Lucha Underground, where he became the first wrestler to win the Lucha Underground championship and competed in some amazing matches against the likes of Johnny Mundo, Brian Cage and Rey Mysterio.

Ricochet’s career is diminishing on the main roster, similar to the aforementioned Aleister Black. Unless WWE have an emergency plan in place for ‘The One and Only’ then I think the writing is on the wall for his future. Ricochet would blossom into the main event star we always expected him to become either in All Elite Wrestling or in the revived Lucha Underground.

Bringing back the Prince Puma character would be a huge nod to Ricochet’s credibility and star power, but also to the history he has in building that promotion from nothing. Ricochet’s wrestling abilities and style suits LU to a tee, so why keep us waiting Puma?

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