Who Would Win: God or the Devil? Cast Your Vote and Crowdfund a Movie

A weird but intriguing idea.


Indeed, it’s a weird idea, but you have to give these people credit for gumption and creativity, at the very least.

In order to fund their film Listen Carefully, the folks over at Hedley Productions are taking a poll which asks people to vote on whether God or the Devil would win in a battle. It costs five bucks to cast your vote, but the money goes toward funding the film. There are definitely worse ways to throw away a fiver.

The campaign follows the basic concept of the movie, which centers around a bunch of recently-graduated college students who, for a fee, let people sit in an empty box and discover their “inner voice.” Soon, the government, big corporations and “mad scientists” are all trying to get in on the action. Sounds like a pretty fun film, actually.

Since people are lame, God is beating the Devil 75% to 6%. However, since not everyone is lame, write-in candidate Kevin Spacey has 2% of the vote. I heartily agree with this.


Get paid.