3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Goldberg Vs The Undertaker

Why should we even give a damn about this dream match for the ages?

SSD Undertaker vs Goldberg
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We are less than twenty four hours away from WWE Super ShowDown live on the WWE Network. One of the headlining matches on the card is a contest that most wrestling fans thought we would never see. We have on one side, one of the most dominating figures to ever come out of WCW and was one of the few shining stars during their demise, Goldberg. The other side, we have the cornerstone of the WWE. A man, a ‘Deadman’, if you will, that has haunted and put fear into the hearts of many wrestlers for three decades, and continues to have a growing legacy that will never be touched, The Undertaker.

This is indeed a dream match. No question about that whatsoever. The one key component in this scenario is the match is taking place when both men are well passed their prime. This isn’t 1998. Goldberg and The Undertaker, while being well-respected legends and athletes in and out of the squared circle, are not spring chickens anymore. Goldberg has wrestled very sporadically in recent years, same goes for The Undertaker. Goldberg’s last match to date was a loss against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 in April 2017. The Undertaker last wrestled at Crown Jewel in November 2018, teaming with his brother Kane to battle D-Generation X in a losing effort.

A lot of fans have looked down on the match, particularly on social media, stating that it should not take place. Both men are too old. Past their prime. They’re in it for the money. All valid reasons that are easy to understand. However, I am here to talk about three reasons why this match will actually be good, if not better, than we anticipate.


  1. A short affair

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First off, let’s consider this fact. Goldberg cannot wrestle a long match. His matches are based on quickness and getting things done within the first five to ten minutes, tops. Anything beyond that, he struggles, unless he has someone that can help carry him. The Undertaker needs the help as well. With nagging injuries and age catching up to him, he can no longer put on a great match all by himself. Therefore, having said all of that, this match may be better off being short and sweet.

Give the fans all the high spots and see who would walk out victorious after a good five to seven minutes. Give the audience a few Spears, the Jackhammer, Gorilla Press Slam into a Power Slam combo. All the things that Goldberg is known for, not to mention the Chokeslam, Old School, The Last Ride and the Tombstone Piledriver from The Undertaker. Point is to work in those key spots and give the fans what they want to see. Give the audience their mony’s worth in succinct fashion.


2. Believe the hype

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Even with the low amount of screen-time given to this match heading into the show, both The Undertaker and Goldberg have done a good job in hyping up the contest on RAW and SmackDown Live. The Undertaker wants to see the ass kicking machine who went 173-0 in WCW and not share the ring with the family man.

Goldberg guarantees The Undertaker will get an ass kicking of a lifetime and says we will find out who the better man is, even going so far as to say The Undertaker will “Rest in Peace” after Super ShowDown. The hype may come off as a bit generic, perhaps even a little hokey, but it’s fitting and works into the storyline between both men. It’s their style and it works to their advantage.


3. Nostalgia

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Despite the naysayers and the Debbie Downers who feel this match is a waste of time, you can’t deny this is a dream match that is worth watching. We know and remember what Goldberg and The Undertaker can do inside the ring, how their mere presence symbolizes respect and attention from the WWE Universe. When they speak on the microphone, everyone at home and across the arenas shut up and take notice to every last word these men have to say.

Both men have dominated the WCW and WWE respectively over the years and have carved their legacies that will never be touched or replicated again. The entrances for both men, the aura both wrestlers create in the arena when they step through those ropes and send chills up and down the spines of all the fans anticipating their next move. We are in a day and age where everyone loves nostalgia; a throwback to the past and reliving those days that bring warmth to our hearts and souls. We want to see the best Bill Goldberg and the best Undertaker possible. We remember their glory days. The matches and the wars fought. The championship victories. The rivalries. I believe both men can still put on a short, but classic encounter this Friday afternoon that will leave a smile on the face of the WWE Universe.

If I am wrong? So be it then. Won’t be the first time nor the last. However, let’s all take a moment to sit back, relax, take off our arm-chair booking pen and paper for just a moment and enjoy this encounter as it’s meant to be enjoyed; as wrestling fans and for the respect of two of the greatest wrestling legends of all time.

Be sure to catch Goldberg vs The Undertaker on WWE Super ShowDown, tonight on the WWE Network.

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