Why We Have Left Patreon

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Effective immediately, we have deleted our Patreon and will no longer take pledges.

The recent (and terrible) change regarding payments, with which they clearly intended to make it even harder for smaller pages like ours to succeed, made our choice for us. Considering the overheads for the bulk of our patrons, who would pay an unfair amount on top of a $1 pledge, it would be unfair to continue to ask for patronage.

In addition, recent reports have shown that Patreon does not care about the “little guy”; those who are the backbone of their multi-million business and have been so for years. They have always positioned themselves as the anti-corporate, creator-friendly platform, but it’s now clear that that is no longer the case. Patreon might have been the answer once upon a time, but with success, it seems that they have become the thing they hated. A corporation.

Thank you to any of you who supported us through Patreon over the years. Even $1 helped us when we needed it the most. We might not even be here now if it wasn’t for your help.

If you want to support us in the future, we are currently looking into other avenues.

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