Who Died In Game of Thrones: Season 8 – Episode 3?

While it wasn't the bloodbath you may have expected, the latest GOT episode still took some names.

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The most recent episode of Game of Thrones’ final season, ‘The Long Night’, sure crammed a lot into its long running time, so much so that it’s difficult to know who made it to the episode’s end and who didn’t. While the death toll in episode 3 of Season 8 wasn’t as big as we might have initially feared, it certainly wasn’t prudish. Here’s everyone who bit the bullet, including a few who came back for a minute.


Pretty much all the Dothraki

You thought you could have some optimism at the start of a huge battle against an army of the dead? Too bad, say Benioff and Weiss as they snuff out the light. Neat visual moment, though..


Theon Greyjoy


Ol’ No-peep’s death was written as soon as he decided to journey back to Winterfell, and it was no surprise to see his end here. What was surprising, though, was how damn sadi t was, him using every last arrow and ounce of strength to keep Bran safe, who then acknowledged that he was “a good man” before Theon went on one final charge. Tears. Bloody tears.


Ser Jorah Mormont

Likewise, Jorah was always a shoo-in to die this episode after getting a prestigious sword from Sam in the previous episode that he deserved, completing his arc. As you might have also been able to predict, he died saving Daenerys one final time while being stabbed about ninety different times.


Lyanna Mormont


The best tertiary character in any TV show ever, Lyanna died like a true boss. After fighting on the battlefield like she promised, she took a huge blow from a wight giant before standing up, screaming in its face, and then felling it with a dagger to the eye. If she was ten years older, let’s just say the Night King wouldn’t have made it very far.



Appearing out of the darkness to give the Dothraki a fiery bit of pep (which was immediately kind of pointless), Melisandre made amends for her wicked ways in ‘The Long Night’. After buying the gang some time and giving Arya the reminder she needed, Melisandre removed her necklace and walked out onto the remains of the battlefield for a quiet death.


Beric Dondarrion


Beric died his final death in ‘The Long Night’ after helping to save Arya. The Lord of Light deemed him to have served his purpose with the wights deeming him to need some stabbing. Bit of an anti-climax for the reasoning behind his resurrecting, in truth.


Dolorous Edd

Am I the only one who can’t and never has been able to stand Sam? He managed to get who might well be the last living member of the Night’s Watch killed. The first big death out of a bunch of them.


The Night King & all his mates

The big bad of Game of Thrones is seemingly not so bad after all, being felled from one quick stab from Arya. Following his death, all of his “sires” and wights (including Viserion) go the same way. No Jon fight for you, fandom.


What about Ghost and Rhaegal?

Is Rhaegal alive

Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 4 ghost

Both alive, according to the trailer for episode 4. Ghost, despite storming ahead in the initial charge, apparently made his way back to the castle just fine, and Rhaegal’s wounds that saw him crash landing with Jon aboard weren’t fatal. Phew.

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