When Does Fortnite Season 9 Start?

Everything you need to know about Fortnite Season 9.


With Season 8 wrapping up with nearly three months of ballin’ and volcanoes behind us, it’s time to look ahead to Fortnite Season 9, which is expected to be a pretty big one. But when does it start, and when will it end? Here are all the answers you need.


Fortnite Season 9 Start Date & Time

As a PlayStation event listing details, Fortnite Season 9 will kick off on Thursday, May 9th at 11AM BST/6am EDT/3AM PDT.

Fortnite Season 9

However, while the date is accurate, the time is not so much. Historically, Fortnite has gone into downtime at 9AM BST for new seasons and is usually unavailable for a two or three hours after that. Therefore, do not take 11am as law: it could be earlier or later than that.


When Does Fortnite Season 9 End?

Fortnite Season 8

The same PlayStation event listing mentions that Fortnite Season 9 will end on Thursday, August 1st at 1am BST — that time may be inaccurate.

This means that Fortnite Season 9 will go on for a total of 2 months and 23 days, which is more or less normal for a season of Fortnite.


What is the Fortnite Season 9 Theme?

Fortnite Season 9

At this time of writing, the theme for Fortnite Season 9 has not been properly revealed, but it does seem to be related to the future.

Teasers sent out by the official Fortnite Twitter account indicate a future theme which may have some correlation with The Visitor, who was last seen messing around with a rocket. In Loading Screens and at his old base before the ill-fated launch happened, you could see some kind of language, which looks like it’s emblazoned on the front of one of the new skins.

Quite what all this means is up in the air, but with Fortnite already doing medievil, superhero, fire, ice, and, erm, sunny themes, a futuristic update isn’t out of the question.


What Will The Fortnite Season 9 Map Look Like?

We have no idea at all what the Fortnite Season 9 map will look like as dataminers cannot mine something which isn’t in the files yet. Pretty much any maps you see leak until Season 9 is out, just disregard them as they are almost certainly not accurate.

However, we can pretty safely guess that Tilted Towers and Retail Row will not remain as destroyed as they are. There’s no way Epic will allow the map’s main attraction (Tilted) to stay the way that is is. They also need to show Retail the respect it deserves, so expect a fix.

On that note, don’t forget that the erupting volcano also caused a huge crack in the castle at Polar Peak. This may lead to its complete destruction, but it may also signify the return of spots like Greasy Grove after it was iced over as part of Season 7.


What Is There To Know About The Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass?

Fortnite Season 9 Space Bunny

Unless there is a drastic change from Epic Games, we can expect them to stick to the formula that has worked for them so well season after season.

The Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass will feature 100 tiers with the first two being skins; at least one will feature unlockable styles that the player will be able to unlock as the season progresses. There will be also be a tier 100 skin to make roughly 7-8 skins in total as part of the Battle Pass.

In terms of skins, it’s almost a certainty than any skins shown off as teasers on social media will be part of the pickings. In addition, the already leaked “space bunny” (pictured above) called Gemini is a good bet to be a part of the Season 9 Battle Pass.

As for the cost, we expect it to be the same 950 V-Bucks as always — it will not be free for anyone this time out. Players will be able to spend additional V-Bucks to level up the tiers faster.


Fortnite Season 9 Teasers

This spells out “neo”, which means new or changed.

Donald Mustard has also been teasing Fortnite Season 9.

Yeah, they’re definitely bringing Tilted Towers back. That was a nice five minutes without it.

The awkward casing on the taglines made us think it was also a tease, but now we’re not so sure. The title case on random letters doesn’t seem to spell anything out, unless they are the first parts of the alliterative names of POIs, as evidenced by Tilted? Maybe>


Are We Looking Forward To Fortnite Season 9?

Yes and no.

New things in Fortnite is always exciting, and every new season is basically a giant refresh on how the game plays and what you can expect.

However, we’ve been playing it for nine seasons now, so there is some natural ennui that comes from playing a game for so long. While we are looking forward to it, the excitement isn’t there like it was for a bunch of comets falling from the sky.

Adding to that, though, Season 9 feels like a hugely significant season for Fortnite in terms of what kind of game it wants to be. The divide between it as a casual and competitive experience is growing wider and wider — new players don’t have much chance of fun as everyone is so good now.

Epic do not seem to be able to make everyone happy, which is to be expected from a giant entity like Fortnite — not everyone enjoyed Endgame, either. However, they can make things a lot easier for themselves by listening to fans and trying to find a better balance for Season 9.

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