When Does Fortnite: Chapter 5 – Season 1 Start?

Fortnite Coldest Circles
Fortnite Coldest Circles

Gone are the super long (probably too long) chapter of Fortnite years past. While Chapter 4 is barely a year old, it looks like Epic is starting to change gear to make new chapter releases an annual occasion. With the massive Big Bang event to look forward to, which will feature a performance from Eminem, to close off Chapter 4, eyes are turning towards the start of Chapter 5 – Season 1.

Fortnite: Chapter 5 – Season 1 is currently slated to start on December 3rd, 2023, but there is no exact launch time just yet.

The Big Bang event is going to be an extra long one according to Epic, with the servers going offline at around 11:30 PM ET, meaning that the event itself is somehow slated to be nine and a half hours long. However, this is more likely similar to the Fracture event, in which players could mess around and complete mini-objectives before the game went into downtime. It’s currently anticipated that Lego and Rocket League will be involved in some way — the actual Eminem concert itself probably won’t last longer than around 20 minutes.

Once the game goes into downtime, Fortnite will then be inaccessible for quite a significant chunk of time while Epic undertakes tests to make sure everything in the update is working smoothly. New season launches tend to happen around 12 PM GMT / 7 AM EST / 4 AM PT, but this might be slightly different for a brand new chapter launch. Whatever happens, you will need to download a pretty sizeable update file before you can play the new chapter.

As for what Chapter 5 will entail, it’s promised to be a brand new dawn for Fortnite but what exactly that entails is so far unclear. We know that Lego will be present in a major way, but everything else is so far pretty under wraps. Epic has promised a surprise as part of the event, so we may see Jonesy return and finally kickstart the cinematic side of Fortnite storytelling again after a year of basically, well, nothing.

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Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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