Weird Al’s Blurred Lines parody is Amazing

Weird Al’s parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” is the best thing Chris McSweeney has heard recently

This song speaks to me on an emotional level, as aside from dicking around on Facebook and libeling Cultured Vultures Editor-in-Chief Jimberly Donnellpants, being a grammar-Nazi is possibly my favourite thing to do.

Weird Al Yankovic is the guy you probably know best for doing “White and Nerdy”, but he’s been the undisputed Grand Poobah of parody-pop songs since the mid-80s. I should also add that he seemingly hasn’t aged a day in the interim.

Brand new single “Word Crimes” beautifully covers Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”: a song so inescapably catchy that even the most ardent social-justice campaigner can’t help but dance to it once they’ve sunk a rum and coke or two. However, lexical playfulness in this version, as is to be expected from Weird Al, is totally amazing.

Weird Al has done much more than cover Blurred Lines here – he’s allowed us to enjoy its catchy beat and tight production guilt-free. It deserves every one of the 1.5 million views in the 24 hours since it went live.

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