Weedcraft Inc. Rolls Up On Steam On April 11th

It's weeded out its release date.

weedcraft inc

If you’ve ever wanted to be a cannabis tycoon, Weedcraft Inc. will allow you do just that this April when it launches on Steam. You won’t even need to clear attic space or anything.

Launching April 11th, Weedcraft Inc. is a narratively driven tycoon game that takes you through the many stages of being a weed entrepreneur through different scenarios. You will go from the bottom to the top, the megacorporation that has their fingers in political pies. A Jay and Silent Bob adaptation it ain’t.

Developed by Vile Monarch of Oh…Sir! and Crush Your Enemies fame, and published by Devolver Digital, Weedcraft Inc. will allow players to decide what kind of business they want to run, whether that’s one that’s very naughty or one that straddles the line.

Rather than being a simple tycoon game, Weedcraft Inc. is actually shaping up to be a timely observation on the state of legalization and the effect it has on people’s lives. Lead Writer Scott Alexander has extensively researched the culture of prohibition and legalisation, so there will definitely be more to this one that meets the eye.

Weedcraft Inc. launches April 11th exclusively on Steam for £15.49. Yes, they did miss 4/20 by nine days, which is a crying shame. But the trailer below is 4:20, so that kind of makes up for it.

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