The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer is Here

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes

As you may be able to guess, the trailer for the new season of The Walking Dead is not sunshine and roses.

Three and a half minutes of pure misanthropy later and there’s no doubting that this season may be an absolute deathfest. Set to the grand ‘Brennistein’ by Sigur Ros, we see Rick and co. battling to stay alive in Terminus after the events of the finale from last time out.

It’s kind of hard to tell the narrative but at a guess, I’d suggest that the Grimes Squad forms an uneasy alliance with the Terminus guys to get to Washington in search of a cure. Also, it appears as if Terminus itself gets overrun so expect a mighty showdown for the finale.

One thing that I did notice though and that is an unhealthy lack of Daryl. Whether they want to focus on Rick and try and drum up some interest in him again (good luck) or that Dixon is killed off (God forbid) remains to be seen but either way, something’s going down and I cannot wait for October 12th.

And yes, Beth is alive. Check her out running around like a loon near the end of the trailer below.

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