GAME REVIEW: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PS VR) – Krusty Krab Fun Fair

Source: YouTube

When Supermassive Games announced that their “sequel” to Until Dawn wouldn’t have the same gameplay, but instead by a rail shooter, there was a lot of skepticism. Many people wondered why they would stray so far from what was great about the first game. Being one of those skeptics, I took any praise I’d heard about this VR game with a grain of salt. Playing it, however, proved to be a great idea, as the game was not only scary, although I’m not a good judge of that, as a lot of things scare me, but the gameplay was also fun. The introduction and small interventions by the mysterious stranger from the previous game are always interesting to watch and the railway takes you on a trip through the world of Until Dawn.

The gameplay is pretty simple, with most movement stemming from the fact that you’re in a rickety old rollercoaster, starting on an abandoned funfair and then going through Josh’s holiday house in the mountains, all the way through the mine shacks and the abandoned asylum.

There are balloons, targets and other breakable things to shoot, whereby the two PS Move controllers are both guns, and pressing the trigger at the back shoots and pressing the Move button on the front reloads the gun. You have six shots per gun, but an unlimited amount of reloads. Often masked men run at you with axes, dressed like Josh was while chasing Samantha in the downstairs cinema in Until Dawn, and they have to be shot, too. That’s usually self explanatory, as the first reaction when something is running at you with an axe and you have a gun is to shoot it. In the face. Several times. Really make sure that it’s dead. Really, really dead (they sometimes stand up again if you didn’t aim well enough). Another unexpected obstacle was walls. Sometimes there will be walls with opening or spinning saws that you will have to avoid. Good luck.

Anyway, those who have played Until Dawn will recognize the man “reopening” the funfair as the pyro, but not the Team Fortress 2 one, don’t worry. In fact, at first this man appears in a psychiatrist’s uniform as you wait at the entrance of the asylum. Looking down revealed that you play as Josh, as you travel, via rollercoaster, through his corrupted psyche and through the painful journey that Josh put his friends through. Call me an english teacher, but it’s very possible that the masked men running towards you, trying to kill you could be his guilt, ripping him apart from the inside. Apart from my speculation, the story is rather simple, but the game is nonetheless fun and honestly scared the shit out of me.

Although it’s not the game that will make your PS VR purchase worth it, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood VR will keep you entertained for a while, with hidden items hidden in each level, and high scores to compete with. It’s the creepy abandoned fun fair that every horror house wishes to be.

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