Ubisoft Acquires Brawlhalla Developers Blue Mammoth


The charming and addictive Brawlhalla just got some big support in the form of Ubisoft, as developers Blue Mammoth have announced that they’ve joined the Ubisoft family. Not bad for a small groups of developers based in Atlanta.

If you’re unfamiliar with Brawlhalla, it’s essentially the same as Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, where you try to smack your opponents off a platform of some kind. It’s been doing good numbers on PS4 and Steam, and there’s calls for it to be available on Xbox One too. Blue Mammoth, if you’re reading this, get on it.

Ubisoft, when talking about the acquisition, described Brawlhalla as “the most played fighting game on Steam” and “among the top free-to-play games on PS4.” That free to play aspect has been one of the biggest reasons for Brawlhalla’s success, and it’s something neither Ubisoft nor Blue Mammoth wish to tamper with. In a blog post on the Brawlhalla website, company co-founder Matt Woomer said the following:

One thing goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: We’ve worked very hard over the last three years to earn your trust that Brawlhalla will be always free to play and never pay to win. None of that will ever change. Ubisoft shares that philosophy, and that’s another reason we agreed to this partnership.

Brawlhalla’s focus on providing a long-term service for players whilst simultaneously making waves in the world of eSports lines up perfectly with Ubisoft’s current business strategy. With For Honor and The Division still receiving updates, whilst Siege has become somewhat of a flagship for the studio, an indie game like Brawlhalla makes for a good fit.

Are you a Brawlhalla player? What does this news mean to you, if anything? Sound off in the comments below and check out what other PlayStation games you’ll be able to play for free as part of PS Plus.

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