Two Point Campus Rooms Guide: Courses, Maintenance, Development

Two Point Campus Rooms
Two Point Campus Rooms

Since your college in Two Point Campus will be a place of learning, students and staff will need to utilize rooms to research new ways to make life all the more enjoyable. Rooms will create the framework of your campus and will define the direction and flow of student movement and understanding the purpose of these rooms will help create an effective layout.

Here’s everything you need to know about rooms in Two Point Campus.


Two Point Campus Rooms


Maintenance Room
Maintenance Room

There are way too many rooms to go over them one by one, but they can be split into three functional categories. The first of these is the maintenance category. Examples of this category are student dorm rooms, bathrooms, shower rooms, lounges for both students and staff, and union rooms.

The purpose of these rooms is to take care of the needs of your students and staff. By taking care of their needs, overall happiness increases, which means both students perform better academically and are willing to pay more tuition while staff will perform their tasks and assignments more efficiently and won’t ask for too much extra money.

Though these rooms may not directly bring you money, they play a crucial role in keeping your campus running. An effectively laid out campus will ensure that all students and staff have easy access to rooms that can respond to their needs along their daily paths.



Two Point courses
Two Point courses

Course rooms are where the money is made. This is where your teaching staff will meet and teach your best and brightest all manners of courses, from the sport of Cheeseball all the way to Internet History.

Course rooms are typically the most specialized and won’t see as much activity as the maintenance category, but this is where students will fulfill their academic requirements and bring you stacks of cash from paying tuition.

The most basic course rooms are the Lecture room, which can also double as a maintenance room for events, and the Library. Nearly every course you decide to offer will utilize the Lecture room to some extent, whereas the Library is necessary for students to complete their assignments. Placing these rooms close to maintenance rooms can be a useful guideline, as they will see the most amount of traffic.

Aside from the basic course rooms, there are also specialized rooms for more advanced courses that can involve giant machines for building robots, huge cooking contraptions for baking glorious dishes, or even a jousting tilt for knight school.

Some of these rooms can be utilized for special events to increase student happiness or add some more cash but on the whole, they’ll see the least amount of traffic and use, so it’s safe to place them further away from your core maintenance and basic course rooms. In addition, most of these specialized rooms will take up a lot of space with their significant space requirements, so it’ll make sense to assign them to dedicated areas a bit further away from the student hustle-and-bustle.



Two Point Campus development rooms
Two Point Campus development rooms

The final category of rooms, development, can almost be classified as maintenance, but rooms that fall into this category are so specialized in their role in supporting your college that they deserve their own box. Where maintenance rooms take care of students and staff simply need to keep them happy, development rooms can help with revenue, improve performance, or even unlock new gameplay options.

The three main rooms that fall into this category are Marketing, Training, and Research. The Marketing room will help attract more student applicants for the following academic year. More applicants mean more students paying tuition, which means you get richer and can expand more.

The Training room will improve your staff’s skills or give them new ones to improve their performance, while the research room will unlock new courses, item and gadget upgrades, as well as new items with which to customize your campus.

Now that you know what purpose rooms fulfill, how will you lay out your campus and make it successful?

Two Point Campus is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, and Switch.

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