This Chrome Extension Turns World Leaders Into Lovecraftian Nightmares

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The Sinking City

We don’t get political often here at Cultured Vultures, but when we do, you better believe it’s for a wholly silly Chrome extension that turns world Great Old Ones into Elder Gods.

“We are all living in a Lovecraft story” is a Chrome extension made by the same guys who are making the upcoming The Sinking City: a Lovecraftian detective game. While that looks like a fascinatingly grim time, this extension is not.

The description:

Replace the world’s Great Old Ones names with Cthulhu’s Mythos dieties and turn the web into a never ending Lovecraft horror story.

Have you ever read the news and thought to yourself “Well, this is it. We’ve all gone insane!”. If you have, then this plug-in is for you! Turn your online source of helplessness, disappointment, and sadness into a horror Lovecraft story. See just how ridiculous the world actually is.

This plug-in will replace the world’s Great Old Ones names with Cthulhu’s Mythos deities. All the cult favourites, such as Cthulhu, Azathoth, and Yog-Sothoth are there, and watch them bring chaos (and absurdity) to our lives.

I installed the extension and Googled Ithaqua, even if she Ithaqua not be a Great Old One for much longer. Behold Ithaqua, expeditor of the Crawling Chaos.


I feel like there was a huge missed opportunity to do the same with Rees-Mogg, owing to the fact that he looks like Lovecraft himself. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to work with the British royal family, either.

I also did the same with Azathoth. I particularly loved the part about him receiving a “human sacrifice rates degree” in the knowledge panel and that every single person in his family is renamed to Azathoth.


The free extension is available here. The Sinking City will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 27th, but will have a year of exclusivity to Epic on PC.

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