Thighbrows: The Latest Ridiculous ‘Beauty’ Standard

Kylie Jenner thighbrow
Image source: Instagram

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>If the whole thigh gap obsession just wasn’t crazy enough for you, it seems that some are taking it a step further and trying to make ‘thighbrows’ a thing.

Upon first hearing the term I could only imagine people drawing or tattooing artistic hairs on their thighs, or growing out their bikini line – actually, as I soon discovered, it refers to having a separating crease at the top of your legs, a la Kylie Jenner in the photo to the right.

As with all recent trends, it doesn’t seem like something that’s necessarily achievable for the average person – at least not without them being super fit and toned. Although, if I was spending all that time in the gym, I’d be proud of my progress regardless if it shaped up to whatever random ‘attractive’ feature has been pulled out of the hat this month.

It’s almost as if celebrities are saying ‘This is what my body is like and I say it’s hot, therefore others should want the same’. Oh wait… that’s exactly what it is. If I became a major celebrity, could I have everyone taking Sharpies to their arms to mimic my freckles? Would they create a new kind of surgery to add freckles rather than remove them? All I need’s a few friends in the press to decide that they’re a desirable feature, right?

In a silly discussion last night about what would be the next big body craze, we came up with ‘booty spots’. If you don’t have at least one Marilyn Monroe style mole on your butt, we’ve decided you’re not hot. Sorry.

But in all seriousness, if you have thighbrows – good for you! If you don’t – it’s just a crease in your leg, for crying out loud! – I’m sure you are perfectly attractive regardless!

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