The King Of Fighters XV’s First Trailer Shows Off The Roster

Shatter all expectations.

The King of Fighters XV

SNK have revealed the first gameplay footage for The King Of Fighters XV, showcasing some of the series’ iconic characters, a little bit of gameplay and not much else in all honesty. You can check out the trailer for yourself at the top of the page.


Who’s Showing Up In The King of Fighters XV Trailer?

The trailer shows off a couple of key characters that you’ve come to expect from KoF, including Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru, Leona, K’, Mai Shiranui and Shun’ei, the current story arc’s main protagonist. The trailer also showcasing some cinematic cameras for the super moves, similar to those that were pioneered by Street Fighter IV and since showed up in fellow SNK property Samurai Shodown.  There’s even some hints at some story cutscenes rendered in the game engine, with news reports along with Kyo and Benimaru sharing a conversation.


When Is The King Of Fighters XV Launching?

SNK have stated that The King Of Fighters XV is set to launch in 2021, though no specific release date or platforms have been given. That said, the company have announced that they will be hosting a more dedicated gameplay reveal for the highly-anticipated fighting game next week. Well, a lot of people are looking forward to the game. There’s also a lot of people condemning SNK considering a company owned by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has become the majority shareholder in SNK. Considering Saudi Arabia’s long list of human rights abuses, which are still ongoing, it’s a bad look.

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