Super Mario RPG Lands Square On the Switch Today

Super Mario RPG
Super Mario RPG

People who don’t want to pay £200 for SNES games are about to have an absolutely fantastic day today. Super Mario RPG, the remake of some people’s absolute favourite Mario game (but so too is Mario Party 10 probably), is releasing on Switch, launches on Switch after a surprise reveal not that long ago.

Originally developed by Square with remake duties falling to ArtePiazza, Super Mario RPG is set to be a very faithful remake of the original SNES banger, save for the updated visuals. The original game received 89% on GameRankings (basically Metacritic’s predecessor) and is revered as having one of the best stories in all of Mario. Just you wait until they bring FLUDD back, though.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

Bowser’s up to his usual tricks – he’s kidnapped Princess Peach, so it’s Mario to the rescue! Yet, when Mario confronts him at Bowser’s Keep, an even bigger villain emerges – Exor the Giant Sword. He crashes down onto the keep, breaking the Star Road and causing a tremor so mighty, it sends everyone flying. Now, Mario must find Princess Peach, make new allies and discover what big plans the Smithy Gang are concocting before it’s too late.

As is the case with an awful lot of Nintendo games, the entirety of Super Mario RPG has already leaked online, so be careful if you’re googling any hot Bowser pics for the time being. It will be interesting to see how people take to the turn-based combat, as we seem to be having seeing an awful lot of them (especially from Square Enix) over the last year that just haven’t resonated with people. But this is Mario: you could have a game about him doing his taxes and it’d probably still sell millions.

There’s a little bit of poetic symmetry in Super Mario RPG being the last Mario game released for the SNES when it came out in 1996 and its remake looking like being one of the last on Switch, too. There’s a port of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and a remake of Mario Vs. Donkey Kong both due in 2024 before presumably we get the next big original 3D Mario on the Switch 2.

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