Stray: What To Do With The Poncho

Stray Poncho
Stray Poncho

The Poncho is an item in Stray that the player is given after trading Electric Cable with Grandma.

The Poncho, sadly, cannot be equipped by the cat as it’s actually a quest item and needs to be given to Elliot, a robot who knows a lot about tech.

Elliot can be found inside a building called Elliot Programming in the Slums next to two sitting robots both wearing ponchos. The cat can scratch the door and be let in by Elliot’s friend, Nestor.

Make sure you get the sheet music from the wall on the first floor, then climb the stairs and greet the shivering Elliot. Give him the Poncho to warm up and he will reward you by fixing anything you want. Return here later after you meet Seamus and you need to fix something to progress the story.

Stray is available on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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