Stray: Is There A Photo Mode?


As most cat owners know, cameras mainly exist for you to take photos of your cats. As most cat owners also know, Stray is a game that’s very clearly targeting cat lovers (and maybe even trying to convert dog people), but is there a photo mode in Stray for you take snaps of the ginger hero?

The short answer is unfortunately, no. There is no option for photo mode in Stray. You will just have to get creative with your snaps, at least for now. A lot of games include a photo mode these days post-launch, just as there are some more important things to focus on in the lead-up to a game’s release and bugs to squash. There’s a high chance that Stray will get a photo mode down the line, but BlueTwelve Studio haven’t yet announced anything.

Photo modes really started to come into the fore in a major way with Sony’s line of PS4 exclusives all seemingly having a photo mode of their own. While not the biggest selling point for most, there’s a rather large community that focus on this form of digital photography, which may also explain why we’ve been seeing so many photo games of late.

Stray is available on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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