Stray: How To Enter Seamus’ Secret Room (Keypad Code)

Stray Seamus secret room

Seamus is an NPC in Stray who you meet shortly after you help out Momo. After “breaking in” to Seamus’ place, you are then informed that there is a secret room in the house that might point towards where his father currently is.

To find the secret room, first clamber on top of the kitchenette, then press triangle to paw off the leftmost painting. Here you will notice a keypad.

To get the code for this keypad, go to the rightmost painting and press triangle to knock it down. You will then get a hint that says “time will tell,” suggesting something to do with the clocks in the room.

Look to the left and check out all of the clocks hanging on the wall. The hours on these clocks add up to 2511.

Return to the keypad, then enter 2511 and the secret room will unlock.

Stray is available on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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