Stray: What Is The Cat’s Name?

Stray game
Stray game

Stray‘s main character is possibly the most popular new video game character of 2022, an intelligent ginger cat that is best friends with a little robot. But what is their name? Even still, are they male or female?

The answer is that the cat’s name is never mentioned in Stray, owing to the fact that it is a “stray” and has no human owner to give it a name. The robots you encounter call you “little one” sometimes, which is about as close a name as you hear across the whole game. You can’t give the cat an official name or change its design either, though you can find badges to adorn its cute backpack.

Its sex is also never established, though as it’s on the smaller side, it’s most likely a female cat.

20 or so cats helped to portray the cat in Stray, with three of them sadly passing on between the game getting made and released, according to the game’s credits. You can check them out from the main menu.

However, a cat called Murtaugh actually served as the biggest inspiration for the developers after the BlueTwelve co-founders adopted him.

You can definitely see the resemblance.

While the lack of a name for the cat in Stray might hurt its ability to become a bit of video game mascot, you can always give the cat any name you want unofficially. We’ve gone for Stan.

Stray is available on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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