Starbreeze Redeem Payday Series, Begin Work on Payday 3

Payday 2
Payday 2

If there’s one thing a modern gamer hates more than lag, camping, and DRM, it’s disingenuous developers and publishers. Payday 2, once a popular game beloved by its fans, had recently been dragged through the mud by its publisher, 505 Games, reneging on a promise that the game would never have microtransactions by erm, adding in a shitload of just that.

Developer Starbreeze, parent company of Overkill, the team behind the game, who also never seemed keen on the business model transition, look like they’re trying to redeem themselves in the eyes of fans and have announced Payday 3 in the process.

By purchasing the rights off of 505 for the Payday series, Starbreeze are now allowed to do what they want, and that means ridding the game of its invasive microtransactions that could severely imbalance matches. 505 will still receive a 33 percent revenue shares from future sales of Payday 3, but only to a maximum of $40m (approximately £27m); Payday 2 is now all Starbreeze’s. Any money the game makes from now on will go back to them.

Apart from the announcement that it’s actually happening, there isn’t even the slightest detail available for Payday 3. E3 2016 seems like it would be too soon for the game, but there’s bound to be more information released in the coming months. Payday 2 will continue to see more content released over the next 18 months.

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