Star Citizen Trailer Shows Off Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill & More

Star Citizen

So here’s where all the money went. Star Citizen, a game that’s been in development longer than we’ve been a website (we turn five years old this month, thanks for asking) has just had a new trailer released which features a tonne of famous faces.

And when I say a tonne, I mean basically at least one person that will come to mind when I ask you to think of actors. There’s Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Mark Strong, Ben Mendelsohn, Henry Cavill, Liam Cunningham, and John Rhys-Davies, which are just the immediately obvious ones — I’m not familiar with who talks to Cavill. We’ll probably see Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart too at some point, because why not?

The litany of celebrities is for Squadron 42: the single-player campaign for the massively adventurous crowdfunded game. We’ve seen some glimpses of it already, but this is probably the most polished the game has ever been in the public eye.

That’s what $195 million in raised funds gets you, I suppose. For context, it has a higher budget than the production costs of the first two Lord of the Rings movies combined. The only game with a higher (estimated) production budget than Star Citizen is Star Wars: The Old Republic, which set EA and LucasArts back $200 million.

There’s no release date for Star Citizen just yet, but Cloud Imperium have stated that they will be sharing a roadmap for Squadron 42 sometime in December.

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