Soulstice: Performance, Resolution & Balance Modes Explained


Soulstice by Reply Game Studios is a fast and furious action game set in a dying world. There are tons of impressive and dynamic visuals in the game, showed off by some impressive fixed camera angle location shots and the flashy attacks your character has access to. Soulstice also offers three resolution options on the PS5 to tailor your experience the way you’d like it and in this guide we’ll go into the specifics of each one.

When starting Soulstice, you’ll be asked which option you’d like to start with. The options are Performance, Resolution and Balance.



Performance focuses on frame rate, heavily tuning down shadow effects while cutting other persistent visuals down and offering a noticeably higher framerate that smooths out all animation hiccups for an experience that runs at 60 frames per second.



Resolution gives you an amazing graphical presentation, complete with dynamic shadows and persistent particle effects to enhance the shiny crystal dust effects that looks excellent on a 4K display, though the game can get choppy during moments of intense action and runs at a floating 30 frames per second at all times.



Balance oddly focuses more on the resolution side, meaning you can get nearly the full effect of the environment but keeps the framerate smooth during combat, though this mode doesn’t offer the dynamic shadows that Resolution mode offers and never reaches the 60 FPS that Performance mode does.

To change these settings after the fact, you can go to your Options menu from the main pause menu or go to the Settings from the main menu. In the Graphics menu, you can switch it to whichever display mode you want. We recommend either Performance if you want the best possible framerate, or Resolution if you want to see everything the game has to offer visually. The framerate doesn’t drop too much to pick the Balance option, though it is interesting to check out once you have seen the other two modes in action.

Though not very robust, the resolution offered by Soulstice does a good job to deliver the experience they describe to the player. Unfortunately, none of the options describe how they affect the game specifically, so you’ll have to try them out for yourself in order to see which one is the best fit for you.

Soulstice is available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X & S.

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