Sony Confirms Which Media Apps Will Be Available On PS5 At Launch

Spotify, Disney+, YouTube; oh my.


UPDATE: Crunchyroll have reached out to Cultured Vultures to confirm that the Crunchyroll app will be available on the PS5 day one. It’s weird that one of, if not the biggest anime streaming service in the world wasn’t mentioned in the official PlayStation Blog, but it’s good to know that your anime needs will be sorted come November 12th/19th.

ORIGINAL POST: It’s 2020, so your console does more than just play video games, so with that in mind, Sony have announced the media apps that will be available to players who purchase a PS5 on launch day.


Which Apps Will Be Included?

In an official PlayStation Blog post, Head of Global Partner Development and Relations Phil Rosenberg confirms that the PS5 will support the usual big hitters at launch, with Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube all supported from day one.


That’s Great And All, But What If I Want To Watch The Boys?

Don’t worry too much about that. Sony have confirmed that plans are in place to bring Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and more to PS5, though not day one it seems. However, certain apps that haven’t been mentioned include WWE Network, the BBC iPlayer and Crunchyroll, though I imagine we’ll still be seeing them side-by-side with the PS5’s other media apps before too long.

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