Sniper Elite 4 Headlines September 2018’s Humble Monthly

Sniper Elite 4

A new month means a new collections of games to play for a low subscription price with the introduction of September 2018’s Humble Monthly offerings. They’re trying things a little bit differently this time out, however, and are giving subscribers the option to choose from differently Early Unlocks.

Sniper Elite 4 is the marquee pick of the month with Rebellion’s Nazi killing machine just as strong as ever for its fourth entry. A fairly recent game that still retails for more than the $12 Humble Monthly fee, you can see it as a bonus that you will also receive Staxel and Tales of Berseria. Typically, with all of the games going at full MSRP, it would set you back $129.97.

DEAL: Subscribe to Humble Monthly for $12

However, if you have somehow yet to play it, you can also decline all three of these Early Unlocks and play Rise of the Tomb Raider instead. Rise of the Tomb Raider has already been in Humble Monthly so the value isn’t really there to go for the alternative pick.

Don’t forget: this isn’t all. In August, Early Unlock subscribers were treated to A Hat In Time, Conan Exiles, and The Escapists 2 right off the bat. However, the full unlock also brought with it great titles like Kona and The Surge within the price of $12, which is a killer deal.

If you want to subscribe to Humble Monthly and unlock these games nice and early, check them out here. Elsewhere on Humble, the Humble Sports Bundle gives you a collection of great sports games at a great price while the Ubisoft Sale offers deep discounts on some of the publisher’s biggest hits.