Sleepy Hollow Season 4: Worth Tuning Back In?

Ichabod and the new team, Sleepy Hollow season 4
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After three seasons of dealing with demons, both personal, mystical and historical, in the small town of Sleepy Hollow, NY, Ichabod Crane goes south.

At the end of the last season, Crane was taken into custody and sent to Washington D.C., leaving behind virtually everyone who cared about him. His fellow “witness” Abby Mills was dead.

So, the new season opens with Crane being interrogated about various occult monsters he’s faced, and slain, in the last three years. Thoroughly fed up with his captor nattering at him, he escapes and comes above ground near Reagan National Airport? (All the Washingtonians go ‘huh’?)

Sleepy Hollow Season 4

We are then introduced to one of the new faces, Homeland Security special agent Diana Thomas and her partner, drinking coffee and discussing family life, including Thomas’ daughter. Don’t bother getting to know the partner because he is killed shortly after the agents discover that someone/thing has made off with the head of statue of Lincoln at his monument. Thomas is almost slain but Crane, having decided to visit the National Mall, saves her.

And so we’re off into Season Four which is placed in Washington, D.C.The city never looked better, including the Capital dome gleaming in the summer heat, as the cast did film on location.

The demon hunt leads Crane and Thomas to a special branch of Homeland Security dealing with historical documents (based in a cluttered library with stained glass) and two more newcomers – Alex Norwood (Rachel Melvin) and her partner-in-archives Jake Wells (Jerry MacKinnon). Wells turns out to be an enthusiastic fan of Crane’s, having followed his doings up in Sleepy Hollow. (Think a cross between X-Files and Ghostbusters.)

From a book, Crane discerns that the demon was first released in 1865 by a man named Booth who was going to kill President Lincoln (which might be the reason the head went missing? We’ll find out later.) Of course, Crane’s referring to Southerner John Wilkes Booth who actually did assassinate Lincoln. The demon’s mission is to destroy the Union; his trigger, the U.S. flag, and there’s a patriotic parade the next day so it’s up to Crane and crew to save the marchers.

To me, this is when the show went off the rails. Maybe because it was the premiere they wanted a bang (which comes later). But the explanation of Booth being an occultist summoning a demon that takes over his body to do the deed in spite of Lincoln’s own supernatural protections, placed there by Mary Todd Lincoln…huh? I don’t believe it. Pity. I was sailing along with the premise until I hit that.

Back to the episode. At the parade, Crane runs into historical reenactors dressed as characters from the Broadway show “Hamilton” who sneer at Crane’s own clothes. His angry retort? “There were other people involved in the American Revolution, you know!”

After their ambush of the demon goes bad, Crane and crew are barely saved by an old friend: Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood), sister of the deceased Abby. Crane decides to stay in D.C. rather than going back to Sleepy Hollow (leading to my Twitter question, does he know how much it costs to live here?)

This season Crane actually has an enemy. Behind the demon is billionaire Malcolm Dreyfuss, who has his own mystical plans, probably dark ones.

We’ll have to wait and see.

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