Single of the Week: Tom Misch – South of the River

Tom Misch recruited Tobie Tripp and Rob Araujo for his latest single - South of the River.

Tom Misch is one of the most prolific, talented producers working today. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with a real flare for funky hip-hop and chilled RnB, Misch has been enjoying a rapid increase in recognition over the past two or three years, and in that time he’s put out an incredible amount of music. Oh, and he’s only 22.

His latest single, South of the River, neatly encapsulates Misch’s approach. The beat is infectious, the melody is warm and the vocals are dreamlike. While Tom plays a range of instruments, guitar is his most comfortable environment, and the string-play on this track demonstrates every inch of his talent as a jazz/funk guitarist, something which he’s also renowned for blowing minds with during his live shows.

It’s not just Misch on this track though. In a move emblematic of his gradual migration from sample-based production to live instrumentation, South of the River features Montreal jazz pianist Rob Araujo and violins from Barney Artist/Loyle Carner/Alfa Mist collaborator Tobie Tripp. It’s a potent combination, and another brilliant sign-post for the jazz-infused hip-hop scene which is flourishing in the UK and beyond.



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