Single of the Week: Habitats – Clubhouse

For many of us Brits, early experiences of drinking, drugs and general debauchery starts out small. While other teenagers cut their teeth in urban sprawls like London and Manchester, the rest of us make do with the countrified version. We cajole older siblings into buying cheap cider from the offy for us, ram ourselves into somebody’s vacant house and tear the place to shreds. Later on, it becomes a game of bouncing between the handful of nearby bars, hoping to god that the bouncer who rumbled you for your fake ID last week isn’t on shift again.

The small town British nightlife is unique, bizarre and has a kind of obscure romanticism to it which somehow manages to be grimy and twee all at once. That’s what Habitats are trying to encapsulate with their upcoming mini-album, 409, and if ‘Clubhouse’ is anything to go by, they’ve fucking nailed it.

Habitats have been around for a while now, and the quality of their musicianship (particularly the drumming) has always placed them in a very special quadrant of the indie genre. With ‘Clubhouse’, their aura has brightened even further. It’s a fitting send up to small town fuckery, and it bodes well for the full album release later this month.


409 will arrive on the 21st of April.

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