Single of the Week: The Bohicas – ‘To Die For’

You don’t like me, and I don’t like you, but god damn it I can’t help loving you. Here I am, playing for your affection with CULTURED VULTURES‘ weekly musical gift from me to you, SINGLE OF THE WEEK. Well, I say it’s from me to you, but it’s really from the acts that write and release all these singles, I just like to credit for them, glory by association. In fact, I’m basically goal hanging.

Anyway, I’m super hungover today – all grump and bedridden – but this week’s SINGLE OF THE WEEK was just the right bit of medicine I needed. It was good for what ails me, and it’ll be good for what ails you too. Admittedly, ‘To Die For’ isn’t the most encouraging names one could give to a medicine, but that’s the name of the latest single from readily-rising rockers, The Bohicas.

Rolling into this year on the back of some stellar singles from last year, this four-piece are poised to release their debut album and truly breakthrough this year. ‘To Die For’ is the first taster from that album, and if it’s anything to go by, the album is going to be a fucking corker and sure as shit to get these boys not just on the map, but walking all over it.

It’s a confident slab of no fooling garage rock, all sex and strut with just the right sized seedy underbelly to bring to some sleaze and scuzz to proceedings. Swaggering its way around an infectious groove, it’s all fuzzed out bass, spindly guitar lines, razor riffs, and persuasive vocals that only make you want to ‘get high, and get low’ with it. It’s basically the kind of song that could come into the bar you’re in, drink your drink, beat you up in the alley out back, run off with whoever you were copping off with, and you’d still be hard pressed to not admire it for doing so.

Remember the garage rock revival? Well… bend over, here it comes again.

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