We eat your words


A quick listen to ROMES and you might dismiss them as a pop boy band. A quick watch of their latest video and you’d find yourself remarkably mistaken.

‘Tryna Be’ is the band’s debut single, which has clocked up over a million plays on SoundCloud. It’s big, it’s catchy, it’s hit between radio pop and the likes of Prides. It’s easy to see why it’s so well liked. ROMES have now released a video to accompany the single, along with the news of releasing their Believe EP on 7″ vinyl on 19th August through Five Seven Music.

The video sees a humanoid rabbit meets sock monster prowling the street of New York, presumably trying to find somewhere to fit in. It’s a bizarre, glitter filled three minutes, but it’s fun. At moments I even found myself feeling sorry for the… creature.

Whilst their songs ticks all the boxes for being a catchy little number, the video ticks all the boxes for intriuging the viewer. It’s a good time to be ROMES.

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