Shudder To Stream A 3D Horror Film Just In Time For Halloween

Shudder, a badass little horror movie streaming service that I, for one, swear by, is releasing an honest-to-god anaglyph 3D movie on October 26, next Thursday to be exact, just in time for Halloween.

Yep, folks, no need for a fancy 3D TV for this one. Just those cheap glasses with the red and blue frames that, and I might be dating myself here, you might remember from childhood. You do remember them, right?

The film is called, appropriately, Found Footage 3D. I haven’t seen it yet, but the reviews, at least from horror critics, seem mostly positive. I kind of don’t care what’s about, to be honest. I’m just tickled that something like this is even happening.

Anaglyph 3D was a popular gimmick for horror movies in the 1950’s, and it made a big comeback in the 80’s with films like Friday the 13th 3D, Jaws 3D, and even freakin’ Amityville 3D. The 3D experience is totally different now, and we don’t have to see everything in shades of red and blue, but for people of a certain age, this is going to hit them in the nostalgia zone.

If you’re a Shudder subscriber, you can order your free pair of 3D glasses from their website. Mine are in the mail.