Why Shinsuke Nakamura Should Win The Royal Rumble

Source: WWE

Shinsuke Nakamura has not had a good run since making the step up from NXT onto Smackdown. It all started so well for the King of Strong Style after being one of only two wrestlers to hold the NXT championship belt more than once (the other being Samoa Joe). Although he managed to find his way onto the Smackdown team at Survivor Series, he was eliminated first and his matches with both Dolph Ziggler and John Cena have struggled to really gain him any attention.

It is a shame that the WWE don’t really have any idea what to do with easily one of the best wrestlers in the world today. Nakamura made a huge name for himself over in New Japan, holding the IGPW Intercontinental belt 5 times and the IGPW Heavyweight belt no fewer than three times. If you have not seen his matches then I can’t recommend enough that you check them out.

After Dolph Ziggler relinquished the struggling US Title on an episode of Smackdown, he would have been my obvious choice to replace the Show-Off, giving him the chance to really cement himself as clear championship material. However, with that belt now on Booby Roode, it is obvious that Nakamura is nowhere near this belt. With his push failing to appear from anywhere and with his momentum struggling to really build up any steam, the outlook is starting to look a bit worrying for the former NXT champ.

With the Royal Rumble just around the corner, it has been confirmed that Nakamura will enter by far my favourite event on WWE’s calendar. I am, however, filled with both anticipation and dread for The Artist. He must win the Royal Rumble if his career is to remain as lucrative as it is, otherwise we will find that Nakamura may fall into the mid-card and become lost.

Shinsuke Nakamura

One of the first reasons that Nakamura should win the Royal Rumble falls down to the main event of WrestleMania. With AJ Styles almost certain to retain the belt until then (although I have been wrong before), the winner of the Royal Rumble will need to have a stellar match to main event Mania. In the past we have been forced to endure Roman Reigns vs. Triple H, which was just appalling and the Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt match was even worse. Building the match card of WrestleMania around a huge main event is just what the WWE need right now. AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakamura would be a true match worthy of the main event spot, although it is starting to look like it will be Reigns vs Lesnar.

The most important reason why he should win the Royal Rumble is because the WWE desperately need to start introducing a new breed of champion. It would seem that the days of big sweaty men are over; all we need to do is look at the Jinder Mahal experiment to see that, and AJ Styles has been the best WWE champion in recent memory. By giving Nakamura a chance with the belt, he will gain the chance to really showcase the huge amount of talent that he has as a wrestler. With Reigns looking to become the Universal Champion at Mania, the WWE need to pull something out of the hat to placate the fans.

If Nakamura fails to win the rumble, the he needs to really make an impression whilst he is in there. The fans are slowly falling out of love for the former NXT star and the WWE need to desperately try and get him back on the right track again.

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