SEGA & Creative Assembly Reveal New Multiplayer Shooter Hyenas

No laughing matter.

Hyenas game

Last year, SEGA and Creative Assembly published the first promo art for their upcoming multiplayer FPS set in space, but it’s only today when both parties have finally unveiled what they’ve been working on. It’s called Hyenas, and it’s coming to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, with a release date still to be determined. However, you can sign up to the alpha right now at this link. Check out the trailer at the top of the page.

Hyenas takes place in the far-flung future. Earth has been decimated, and while humanity has survived, so has the gap between the rich and the poor. The elite have colonised Mars, while the rest of us have to eke out an existence in The Taint (stop giggling at the back), a giant oribit slum.

While Earth is gone, various pop culture artefacts still remain, which the rich have dedicated themselves to selling on massive Plunderships at marked up prices. This is where you come in. As the Hyenas, you’ll infiltrate the ships, fighting Plundership security and rival crews in zero-g, steal the merch and get out with your life and your new-found riches.

The art style of Hyenas as shown in the trailer appears to be heavily reminiscent of Apex Legends, but the game itself seems to be more modelled on multiplayer games like Hunt: Showdown and Escape From Tarkov, which both offer a unique and engaging multiplayer experience. Hyenas might just better though purely based on the fact it doesn’t have huge spiders to contend with, but let’s just hope that Hyenas isn’t going to be plagued with “cheetahs” when it launches on PC & consoles.

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