Scooby Doo’s Slasher Flick Adventures

Travis Falligant american psycho

You remember that Family Guy cutaway gag? Be more specific? Yeah, sure. You remember that Scooby Doo cutaway gag? From one of the earliest series, when it was definitely still good, and hadn’t had the chance to get bad? You know the one? Yeah, good cutaway, I know. Though, for those of you who don’t know, Peter is wondering what Scoob and the gang are up to, because he essentially killed television, and we are treated to this little gem;

Now, imagine if Scooby Doo as really like that, dealing with gritty, gruesome murders, instead of fancy dressed paedophiles, entrepreneurs, landowners, etc. Then imagine if those gore-porn murders could be attributed to your favourite slasher film villains (heroes, come on, they’re the heroes), like Patrick Bateman (not my hamster, no), Freddy, Jason, and more, or that Mystery Machine got the team stranded in the cabin from Evil Dead. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well, imagine no more, courtesy of artist Travis Falligant, who has taken those vivaciously-violent villains, drawn them up in that classic Scooby Doo animation style, and gotten them into all kinds of scrapes in pursuit of those meddling kids!

P.S. Check out Falligant’s other artwork on his WEBSITE and TUMBLR.

Travis Falligant american psycho

Travis Falligant nightmare on elm street

Travis Falligant scooby doo scream

Travis Falligant scooby doo friday 13th

Travis Falligant scooby doo halloween

Travis Falligant house of 1000 corpses scooby doo

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Travis Falligant scooby doo

Travis Falligant scooby doo

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