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Cash rules everything around me.

Saints Row
Saints Row

Running a city-wide criminal empire is an expensive undertaking, which is why you’ll need all the money you can get your hands on when playing Saints Row. Much like how there’s more than one way to skin a cat, there’s more than one way to make some serious bank when trying to take over the city of Santo Ileso. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of the easiest and best ways to fatten your wallet and make money while playing Saints Row.

As you’d expect from an open world, crime-focused game, you’ll be making money pretty much all the time. Completing missions, challenges and finding collectibles will all net you an immediate injection of cash, which can then be used to purchase clothing, weapons and upgrades for your cars and weapons. You can also use money to buy ventures, which is how you’ll be earning the lion’s share of your wealth, particularly during the latter stages of the game.

During the opening portions of the game, the fastest way to make some easy money is through the @tcha missions. These are essentially survival missions where either the Idols, Marshall or Los Panteros will come out in force because you left a negative review on a business. Don’t ask. The more negative the review, the stronger the response will be and the more money you’ll earn. The missions aren’t too difficult, so nailing some 1-star @tcha missions is a great way to earn cash quickly.

On a similar note, you can earn a decent amount of money just from laying waste to the local criminal population. Killing a wave of goons can net you a couple hundred dollars, so you’ll be earning a decent amount of money just by completing missions anyway. There are also Wanted missions, which task you with taking out a specific target in a certain way, which have a good payout early on as well.

Completing missions and side hustles will also earn you cash, along with finding collectibles out in the world of Santo Ileso. The story missions themselves might have a meager payout at first, but as the game progresses, you’ll be rewarded with fatter stacks. However, the true breadwinner for the Saints is the ventures, companies and fronts you can build across Santo Ileso that’ll rake in the dough.

You’ll unlock your first venture, JimRob’s Garage, fairly early on in your adventure, as the two of you go into business together after you protect him from the Idols gang. A few missions later in the campaign, you’ll establish the Saints by taking over an abandoned church. You’ll also gain the deeds to several empty lots around Santo Ileso, where you’ll be able to build new ventures and start raking the dough in at an exponential rate.

Essentially, every venture you build will generate an hourly rate of cash, which you can then claim from the Cash app on your in-game phone. The amount of money a venture generates can be increased by taking out the five threats per district that spawn when you construct a venture, or by progressing through that venture’s objectives. Each venture has its own goals and objectives, and completing them will massively increase the money coming your way every hour.

Aside from Castle Kraken, a venture related to a side-story involving Elijah that’s unlocked for purchase by completing the mission “The Dustmoot”, you’ll need to progress through the Empire Tiers in order to unlock new ventures. Progressing through the tiers requires hitting milestones for building and completing ventures, which will unlock a mission where you’re in the crosshairs of a Police Task Force. Completing that mission moves you up a tier where you can buy more expensive ventures. In turn, these generate way more money.

You’ll repeat this process until you reach Tier 4, at which point you’ll have no new ventures to build but one plot of land left to develop on. At this point, you’ll need to complete the main storyline to unlock the ability to build Saints Tower for a ludicrous amount of money. Doing so will get you to Tier 5, and you’ll be earning millions of dollars per hour of game time.

Saints Row is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X & S.

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