Rust: Handmade LMG Stats & Crafting

Rust Handmade LMG
Rust Handmade LMG

The Handmade LMG is an automatic weapon added to Rust as part of the June 2022 combat update.

The Handmade LMG is basically the M249, but as a craftable weapon and a bit more unpolished. It’s less reliable, does less damage than the M2 and will be less sought after, but will still pack a mighty punch.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Handmade LMG in Rust.


Handmade LMG Stats

The Handmade LMG takes 5.56 Rifle Ammo.

The Handmade LMG deals huge damage with a high rate of fire, but will be inaccurate if used in short bursts. It works very similarly to the M249, but doesn’t require you to bring down a helicopter to get your hands on it.

We will update this with stats as we get more information on the Handmade LMG in Rust.


Handmade LMG Crafting

To craft the Homemade LMG, players will need a Level 3 Workbench and the following resources:

– 30x HQM
– 1x rifle body
– 2x metal springs
– 3x gears

Players can also craft ammo for the Handmade LMG by using the mixing table and attach many of the same attachments that the M2 has.

Bear in mind that the Handmade LMG is not scheduled to come to Console Edition, as these are basically two different versions of Rust entirely.

Rust is available now on PC.

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