Rick Moranis’s Helmet From Spaceballs Up For Auction


Auction website invaluable.com, which is kind of like eBay, except that they specialize in stuff none of us regular folk can afford, has a pretty damn cool movie prop available. If you have thirteen thousand dollars (of course, that’s just where the bidding is at this moment), you can purchase the “Dark Helmet” helmet that Moranis actually wore, breathed in, and probably sweated too much in.


Ah, to live the life of Riley right about now. I mean, I’m not really into this particular item, though Spaceballs was definitely one of my favorite movies as a kid. But if I had enough money to buy movie props that an actor probably sweated profusely in, I’d love to have a set of boxing trunks from any of the Rocky movies. Okay, scratch that. Maybe a pair of gloves instead.


What movie prop would you love to own? Sound off in the comments!


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