Report Suggests Sony Forced To Cut PS5 Production By 4 Million Units

The chips are down.


A recent report from Bloomberg has lifted the curtain on Sony’s PS5 production process, revealing that the company are facing some production issues with its custom SoC (system on chip), which integrates pretty much every other part of the PS5. Without the SoC, the PS5 isn’t going to work.

Reportedly, the yields for the production of this chip have been as low as 50%, meaning that Sony have had to adjust their production forecast to 11 million units by the end of the current fiscal year (March 2021). This is down by 4 million from their originally targeted 15 million, and while Bloomberg have noted that the yields are improving, they’re nowhere near where they need to be, and that yield figures need to be stable if Sony want to accurately predict their production output.

Naturally, problems with the PS5’s production of this magnitude will likely lead to shortages when the PS5 eventually does go on sale, especially if the console is as highly sought after as Sony believe it is. However, Sony are attempting to ensure there’s still plenty of consoles to line the shop shelves by the end of the year, as they’ve signed a deal with Delta Air Cargo to ship PS5 consoles by air to the US from October until the end of the year. Air freight is a quicker method of delivery than sea freight, but it’s naturally more expensive.

PlayStation are holding a PS5 showcase tomorrow, and it’s there where we’re likely to find out pricing and release date information for the PS5 and the digital version. Will you be hoping to pick up a PS5 by the end of the year? Sound off in the comments below.

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