Red Axes – ‘Into Your Arms’ Might be the Most Seventies Music Video Ever

Israeli acid house/psychedelia duo Red Axes have released a video for their latest track and it will literally fling you backwards in time.

Red Axes © Ben Palhov

Red Axes make very weird, very compelling music. The Tel-Aviv duo were originally members of a post punk band called Red Cotton in Amsterdam before relocating back to their original spawn point and becoming Red Axes. Their first EP came out in 2009 and they’ve been methodically releasing bizarre, hard-to-pin down psychadelic music with heavy leanings towards house, electronica and a few other genres hitherto unknown to human kind. Listening to their music feels like walking through a fever dream at times.

Their first full album, Beach Goths, is due out on August 11th under the banner of emerging Israeli label Garzen Records. In the meantime, Red Axes have released a video for the leading track – Into Your Arms and man, the seventies vibes are strong. Seriously, don a pair of star shaped sunglasses before messing around with this one.

As you’d expect of that era, the colour palette is brown as brown can be. It features a mostly shirtless man blithely wandering around motel room either coping with an internal crisis or desperately trying to figure out what to do with his day. Either way, he’s very disaffected, you could play a drinking game where you take a shot every time he runs his fingers through his hair (although you’d need to loop the video a good few times to get a proper buzz on).

The video was co-directed by band member Dori Sadovnik and Gaia Weiss, a Parisian model/photographer who any Vikings fans might know as Þorunn, one of the show’s more prominent badass shield-maidens. The track itself is something of a ballad, featuring ethereal vocal work from Adi Bronicki, another native Israeli. Red Axes are worth keeping an eye on, they neatly encapsulate the experimental, unpredictable nature of the emerging scene in Israel.


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