Record of Ragnarok: Season 3 – Everything You Should Know 

Hades and Beelzebub

Record of Ragnarok
Record of Ragnarok

There aren’t many fighting anime that hit the spot when it comes to displays of power, but from those that are noteworthy, Record of Ragnarok clearly stands near the top. The second season of this explosive martial arts anime recently finished airing, however, since seven rounds in the tournament still remain, the fate of the humans’ extinction is undecided, and all eyes are on Record of Ragnarok: Season 3 to settle this dispute.

Netflix hasn’t yet renewed the anime, so we can’t be sure if Record of Ragnarok: Season 3 will happen. Having said that, ratings for the show were wild and it consistently landed in the top spots on charts. Everything points to the anime coming back soon with another riveting installment, and here’s everything you need to know about when and what it’ll be about.


When Is Record of Ragnarok: Season 3 Coming Out?

Unfortunately, there is no release date for Record of Ragnarok: Season 3. Production for the anime falls onto Netflix, and so far, the streamer has not officially commented on whether a third season is in development, though unofficially you should look forward to an early 2025 release.

The second season wasn’t announced until sometime after Season 1 debuted, and due to episodes taking years to animate, it’s just too early to hype up fans right now. It’s also possible that because another highly anticipated fighting anime, Kengan Ashura: Season 3, is releasing on the service in September, Netflix probably doesn’t want to take any chances overshadowing its release with news of Record of Ragnarok: Season 3, or maybe there’s another reason we don’t know about.


What Is Record of Ragnarok: Season 3 About? (Spoiler Alert)

Six rounds of Ragnarok have taken place, with both the humans and the gods having won three each. With the odds tied, there’s only one way things can go, and that’s forward. Record of Ragnarok: Season 3 will commence the seventh round of the tournament, the matchup between The King of the Underworld, Hades, and The King of Men, Qin Shi Huang.

The third season should also feature the eighth round between the creepy geniuses from both worlds, Beelzebub and Nikola Tesla. There’s a chance the ninth round might be adapted too, though at least these two are confirmed.


Which Studio Is Making Record of Ragnarok: Season 3?

Record of Ragnarok’s animation has been the subject of much controversy. While some praise the animation, others say that Studio Graphinica butchered a perfectly good manga. Most people preferred the animation the latest Baki Hanma anime had, but it’s understandable that Graphinica wanted to develop an original artistic vision for the anime.

In any case, Record of Ragnarok: Season 3 will likely be animated by Studio Graphinica once again, with Yumeta Company, another reputable production house, supporting the development as it did with Season 2.


Where Will Record of Ragnarok: Season 3 Be Aired?

Record of Ragnarok: Season 3 will exclusively air on Netflix. Both seasons of the anime were released under Netflix’s banner, and it’s the only place where you can watch the entire show. Netflix has exclusivity over the anime, and don’t bet on that changing by the time Season 3 is out. If anything, it’ll be better to miss out on Crunchyroll for a month and get a Netflix subscription when the time comes.

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